Duramax Repair & Maintenance

Duramax has built a reputation for producing the most reliable Diesel Engines available today. At Sound Diesel Performance, our Technicians are highly trained and have many years of experience working on Chevrolet and GMC HD Duramax Diesel Engines.

Our shop performs all service and repairs required for a healthy Duramax in the Auburn, WA area. We have all the best specialty tools required and advanced technology to ensure we get the job done right. If you are experiencing hard starting, lack of power and your check engine light or reduced power light comes on we can do the testing and procedures to have your diesel engine diagnosed and repaired by the best. If it is time to repair or replace your fuel injectors or glow plugs, have excessive fuel smell and smoke our team will treat you and your truck with the care and respect it deserves. Our goal is to keep your Duramax Diesel Engine performing at its best for years to come.

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